The Power of Your Voice (English)


The Need  

Often the voice’s ability to communicate effectively, is buried under stress, poor breathing habits and deep thoughts or emotions. We may fall into some of the common voice traps, such as, speaking too quickly, too softly or in a monotone.  We may mumble the words or keep using non-words such as uhm and ahs, all of which reduce the impact of our message.

It is possible to free the voice and allow it to naturally align with the purpose of the communication and support it. That is the power of your voice. Whether the purpose of your communication, at any given moment in time, is to persuade, motivate, inform, shock or whatever else you choose, your voice can power up that communication.

Using easy-to-learn breathing techniques turn your voice into your speaking asset, whether you are speaking with just one individual, or to several in a meeting, or to many more in a presentation. These techniques will help you add vitality and authority to your message.

What will be achieved

Participants will be better able to:

  • Influence using the power of their voice
  • Know how to produce a richer voice
  • Project their voice better
  • Speak with clarity and fluency
  • Support their voice with their breath
  • Support their message with vocal variety


Day, time, language and trainer

Day: October 10th, 2017, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Place:ΡeopleAchieve offices, Argyrokastrou 5, Ayios Andreas, Nicosia, 1100

Language: English  

Trainer: Aleen Andreou


39 Euros + VAT per person




Why the voice is important when communicating & presenting

           Your voice triggers a response

Your voice carries the words

           What do you want your voice to say about you


The body –voice connection

How the voice is produced

Breathing techniques to support a powerful voice

Techniques to enrich the quality of the voice

Exercises for better articulation

Explore volume, pitch and pace



            Why pause

            Practice speaking with pauses


Use your voice

            Read text

            Short presentation