Beat Procrastination (English)




The need

 Procrastination causes stress, guilt and reduction in productivity.

This practical workshop will enable participants to recognise the cost of procrastination, to them and to others. Participants will better understand what causes them to procrastinate, and how to manage these causes, so that more deadlines are met, with less stress.

What will be accomplished

Following the training participants will be better able to:


  • Recognise when they procrastinate at work & their personal life
  • Recognise the root causes of their procrastination
  • Manage the causes of procrastination and overcome delays
  • Improve their personal productivity
  • Reduce stress



The training is suitable for all those who want to manage procrastination.


Date, venue, language, programme director

Date: November 22nd 2017, 09:00 – 13:30

Venue: PeopleAchieve Office, 5 Argyrocastrou Street, Ayios Andreas, Nicosia

Language: English

Programme Director: Aleen Andreou



€59 Euros + VAT per person





  • What is procrastination
  • Exercise - What tasks do you procrastinate on?
  • The excuses



Why people procrastinate


  • What leads to procrastination
  • The consequences of procrastinating
  • The vicious cycle of procrastination



Techniques to overcome procrastination


  • Setting goals
  • Setting priorities
  • Monitoring progress on priorities
  • Planning
  • Managing “self-talk”
  • Visualising success



Personal action plan


  • My personal action plan
  • Monitoring success