Structure Your Presentation (English)


The Need  

How do you use your knowledge and experience to convey a message and to persuade others, in a presentation? How do you make your presentation relevant and interesting for the audience?

Using specific structuring techniques you can use your experience and knowledge to achieve your communication purpose, whether that is training, selling, or influencing.


What will be achieved

 Following the training participants will better be able to:


  • Convince, and influence through their presentation
  • Provide a strong flow throughout the presentation
  • Make their presentation, highly relevant to listeners
  • Decide what material to include and what to exclude in the presentation
  • Create powerpoint slides that enhance the message
  • Create introductions that draw attention
  • Close presentations powerfully




The training is suitable for those who want to develop their ability to create powerful presentations


Day, time, language and trainer

Day: October 25th, 2017 9:00 πμ – 13:30 μμ.

Place:ΡeopleAchieve offices, Argyrokastrou 5, Ayios Andreas, Nicosia, 1100

Language: English  

Trainer: Aleen Andreou



 59 Euros + VAT per person






  • What makes a good structure
  • Participant goals
  • Exercise – structure to persuade



Shaping the presentation


  • Identifying the audience’s needs, concerns and level
  • Identifying the benefits
  • Defining the purpose
  • Exercise – Shape your presentation





  • Identify what to include
  • The relevance of examples, stories, statistics, quotes, facts
  • Putting it in order
  • Transitions between points
  • Exercise – Identify the contents of your presentation



Introductions & Closes


  • The need for strong introductions & closes
  • What to include in the introduction
  • What to include in the close
  • Exercise – prepare your introduction & close





  • What goes wrong with powerpoint
  • Guidelines for successful communication using powerpoint
  • Exercise – Design your slides