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Six Steps to Powerful Presentations

During  the Rotary Presidents Elect Training Seminar on February 26th, Aleen Andreou will share the six key steps to presenting.

1. Have a clear aim. Identify what you expect the audience to do and feel, when you finish your presentation. Build your entire presentation to support that aim.
2. Communicate the value you are offering your audience. If they follow you, and take the action you are recommending what will be the benefit to them.
3. Believe in what you say.
4. Manage your body language to align itself with your message.
5. Allow your voice to flow and enhance your communication
6. Be passionate.

If you have any questions on how to use these steps, or better prepare for your next presentations, please email me on aleen@peopleachieve.com

Download the image and let it guide you, as you prepare for presentations.

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