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In challenging times, the need to bring about fast change through people becomes a matter of survival and growth. An effective way to dramatically improve people’s performance is through accelerated learning techniques.

We are offering a unique training package that can significantly improve the learning and growth your internal trainers provide.

By identifying the skills necessary to achieve maximum strategy and implementation, and by designing tailor-made training programmes specific to your organisation, we will deliver a high value service, which you can use again and again.

Specifically we will undertake the following:

  1. Analysis of current needs in a particular area
  2. Design of materials tailored specifically in terms of content to your organisation
  3. Objective evaluation of current trainers.
  4. Development and growth of current trainers.
  5. A report to the organisation on the whole process with recommended future strategic phases
  6. For each programme:
  • A pre-programme skills evaluation
  • An advertorial for the programme
  • A programme structure and outline
  • A training handbook/guide
  • Tailored PowerPoint slides, which make a strong visual impact with rich content
  • Participants’ workbook
  • A personal implementation and growth guide