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Personal coaching

Achieving targets, minimising costs, and maintaining positive business relationships is no easy task in the current business environment. Executives often have to stretch themselves, and adapt fast.

Coaching is a confidential service we offer to those already in senior positions and to those identified by their organisation as future leaders. Our approach offers “value for time”, because we know that professionals in this position have severe time pressures. We focus on specific goals, planning the journey forward and handling the obstacles. Goals may be tangible, such as an increase in sales figures, or intangible, such as an improvement of teamwork within the executive’s team.

We also offer a leadership assessment tool, for those executives who wish to have their strengths and leadership styles more clearly defined. This enables the coaching process to maximize the impact of the executive’s strengths, and avoiding any pitfalls that certain weaknesses may lead to.

Our coaches have worked in business and therefore understand the need for a highly practical approach, that concentrates on the real challenges of the executive and the concrete steps that can be taken.

Coaching can be used to achieve the following:
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Assist in managing change within an organisation
  • Accelerate the development of competencies
  • Resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Minimise the impact of stress on performance and well-being
  • Motivate an individual
  • Release potential and direct it towards enhanced performance
  • Offer a sounding board, as being a senior executive is sometimes a lonely and difficult role.