The Business of Survival


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The pandemic has brought about an unprecedented economic crisis, which is difficult to fathom. World-renowned economists outlined multiple scenarios for recovery and growth-but that is exactly the problem. Admittedly, these are just scenarios and not economic predictions. One thing is certain; a deep economic crisis is looming and will become apparent right after the fiscal policies and government stimulus plans dry up.


This practical workshop is based on a process inspired by McKinsey’s seven strategic tools and will help you take stock of where your business is today and where the market is heading in the next 1-3 years. It will help you assess whether your business model is still valid and explore new opportunities

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

·      Have a comprehensive plan that will enable them to deal with any crisis

·      Map out trigger-points and metrics according to which scenario plays out

·      Know how to win the commitment of their top executives to the strategy

·      Create a comprehensive and united strategic plan for the whole organisation

·      Agree each individual’s role, responsibility and accountability in the strategic plan

The Business of Survival workshop will help executives get a clear overview, agreement and prioritization of the key challenges faced today and evaluate solutions based on a scale of Urgency/Effort/Impact. Peter will provide the tools for an opportunities analysis and prioritization as well as a risk analysis based on different scenarios and key actions to be taken, including decision-making deadlines and trigger points.

More about the trainer

Peter Andreou is an inspirational and humorous keynote speaker, leadership trainer and workshop facilitator who trained over 50,000 managers and staff in over 200 multi-nationals across 32 countries, carrying more than 30 years of experience.


Peter works alongside the management and helps the organisation set a visionary strategy to inspire the top team and executives - not only to implement but also to own the strategy. He uses a practical and a systematic methodology coupled with metrics and KPIs to help organisations differentiate themselves by adding more value to their clients and drastically improve sales.


Peter’s workshops offer clarity, precision and very practical outcomes, with immediate and applicable solutions. Furthermore, he delivers training in a fun, interesting and solution driven manner.  Peter is famous for focusing on real time organisational issues and works closely with the management to implement strategy.


Peter is the CEO of PeopleAchieve, an International Training Consultancy and has served as the president of Cyprus Management Consultants Association.

Event details

100% Digital Workshop | Total Duration 3-hours + Additional 45 minutes devoted to Q&A


14 SEPTEMBER: 1.5 hours| Session Begins at 9.00am EEST

15 SEPTEMBER: 1.5 HOURS | Session Begins at 9.00am EEST

21 SEPTEMBER:  Q&A session only |Session Begins at 9.00am EEST



Virtual Strategy Workshop, 14th, 15th & 21st September - 110 Euros discounted from 150 Euros

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