Effective complaint handling strategies

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Effective complaint handling strategies

Why needed

Retaining customers can be up to five times more profitable than finding new ones.  Customer loyalty is crucial to your business. To maintain this relationship, you need to be able to handle complaints effectively, to have effective customer feedback systems and friendly service recovery policies.  90% of consumers admit that they will repurchase from a company if their complaint is handled well.

What the programme will cover

  • Customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Learning from our mistakes (customer defections)
  • Why most customers don’t complain
  • Complaints: Your chance to recover and regain loyalty 
  • Common reactions to complaints
  • Complaint handling golden rules
  • Complaint handling policies
  • Strategies for generating complaints
  • Implementation

As a result of the programme indivduals will be better able to:
  • Appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction to the growth of your organisation.
  • Be able to process written and verbal complaints more effectively.
  • Provide better service to both internal and external customers