Professional telephone communication

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Professional telephone communication

Why needed

The telephone is one of the most important windows focussing on the business and therefore the professionalism with which it is used, greatly influences the outcome of the conversation as well as customer attitudes. The first point of contact for a customer or potential customer is the telephone. At the very least, those immediately involved i.e. reception/secretarial/frontline/customer service/sales and marketing must be of the highest professional standard, and excellent communicators. What impression of your organisation does the person on the other end of the phone form, on conclusion of your conversation. Everybody uses telephone communication in an organisation and each leaves an impression. The purpose of this training is to enhance the image of the organisation, through the use of the telephone.

What the programme will cover

  • Telephone etiquette, phraseology, voice, complaint handling
  • Service awareness - service to customers, colleagues, organisation
  • Administration - procedure, documentation, distribution
  • Practical workshop - incoming/outgoing calls, role-play, sketches
  • Feedback and action plan.

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of the telephone as a means of communication
  • Be fully aware of the adverse effects of incorrect usage of the telephone
  • Use the correct phraseology and etiquette according to the person and situation
  • Be more professional and effective in incoming/outgoing telephone communication
  • Handle difficult situations or complaining calls
  • Provide a better service for both employer and customer.