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Employee engagement index

Measuring Employee Engagement is key in assessing the extent to which an organisation is maximising the value of its Human Resources. Organisations with high Employee Engagement mobilise the minds and hearts of their staff to produce outstanding results. Employee Engagement impacts many aspects of a business, and in particular:

  • Bottom-line Performance
  • Talent Retention
  • Culture
  • Client relationships
  • Staff alignment with business strategy
  • Resilience to setbacks

Organisations may conduct Employee Engagement Surveys for different reasons. Therefore, we will work with you to tailor the Employee Survey to meet your business needs, and your operation. We will:

  • Design staff communication regarding the survey to ensure maximum participation
  • We will use paper-based questionnaires or web-based questionnaires, depending on what suits your operation, within time-frames that suit you
  • Design questions that shed light on the information you need
  • Segment and group your staff to pinpoint differences in Employee Engagement and better understand what creates those differences
  • Analyse and report on the results in a way that provides valuable business information to you

Following the survey, we will organise a meeting with senior management and assist you in evaluating the significance of the results to your overall business. Together, we will pinpoint actions to build on the positives highlighted on the survey, as well as manage any weaker areas indicated.