Mystery shopping

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Mystery shopping

The service offered to your customers is a major factor that will determine how well you maintain and improve your position in an increasingly competitive market.

It is important to know how your staff treats customers in the absence of a supervisor. If your staff provides excellent service in the presence of a supervisor and they adopt an inferior and indifferent attitude to customers in the absence of a supervisor, this will clearly be an obstacle in your effort to improve service.
We offer a 'Mystery Shopping' facility to assess the quality of service offered by your staff as seen through the eyes of a 'customer'. We will:

  • Research your business environment
  • Interview key stakeholders to decide objectives and required outcomes
  • Create a checklist and scoring mechanism
  • Profile for different types of customers and create roles based on these different types
  • Act out these roles on your premises, or using the phone or e-mail, in order to assess any customer service problems

We will provide you with a report of our findings, highlighting what is good, and what needs improvement, as well as providing you specific recommendations for these improvements.