Sales Preference Quotient (SPQ Gold)

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Sales Preference Quotient (SPQ Gold)

We offer the SPQ GOLD® assessment, one of the world's most widely used and trusted ways for measuring people's ability to initiate contact with prospects, to sell and close sales.

The fear of prospecting and sales hesitation can be measured using the SPQ*GOLD® questionnaire, an online Assessment. SPQ*GOLD® identifies how much initiative, energy and drive an individual devotes to proactive sales prospecting and the amount of energy spent on coping with inhibitors, such as fear. It is best suited for anyone responsible for meeting sales and revenue targets.

Research shows that less that 20% of sales people are fully effective when prospecting and less than 30% are fully effective at closing sales. If the fear of prospecting and hesitation to close sales is resulting in missed opportunities for your business – what is the potential cost to your organisation?

SPQ GOLD® can be used for assessments and development purposes. The individual fills in an online questionnaire, and a report is sent back highlighting strengths and areas of development. For development purposes, our consultant can provide feedback and help create an action plan for the future.