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Fear free prospecting

Why needed

If your sales are not at the level they should be, you probably need to deal with Sales Call Reluctance®.

Sales to existing customers are very important to any company, but equally important for a company’s continuous growth are sales to new customers. However well known this may be, global research has shown that across industries, the majority of salespeople prefer making sales calls to their company’s existing customers, rather than identifying and approaching new customers altogether. This is because most salespeople are usually afflicted with Sales Call Reluctance®, the self-limiting behaviour that prevents salespeople from prospecting for new business through continuous initiation of contact with potential new customers.

So what if a program existed that could help your sales people overcome their Sales Call Reluctance? What if it resulted in your people going out and meeting more new clients? Would selling to more new clients help your salespeople  -and your company- reach new levels of sales performance?

The Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop® is based on more than thirty years scientific research. It is offered by our sister company SalesAchieve and it is taught only by instructors accredited by BSRP Inc.

What the programme will cover

  • Pre-workshop assessment with SPQ*GOLD®: The Sales Call Reluctance® Scale psychometric test.
  • The difference between authentic call reluctance®, sales-impairing call reluctance® impostors, and hollow clichés like "the fear of rejection"
  • Changing behavior rather than altering personality, principles or values
  • Complement skill-based training programs by helping to increase comfort with getting in front of prospective customers, which is where actual selling takes place.
  • Post-workshop Renewal & Reinforcement Meetings™ guide and monitor prospecting activity.

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Increase their prospecting activity
  • Meet more clients
  • Increase their sales