The art of prospecting

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The art of prospecting

Why needed

Successful selling through the salesperson-client relationship, the shaping of devoted customers, even the development of a selling process, cannot exist or be achieved unless something very important is in place: A salesperson’s first contact with a prospect.

Many salespeople realise to their discontent that, in sales, prospecting initiated by them is of primary importance. Marketing and promotion are supportive, but not alternative tools to contacting customers.

Are all prospective customers equal? Do they deserve the same effort to approach? What is the objective goal of the very first interaction with the client?

This training programme offers the techniques and methodology for a successful client approach. Through theory and practice, both the process and the correct way to prospecting are analysed, as well as what is said during an initial interaction and how many tries are needed to secure a first contact with a prospect. In answer to the above questions, it prepares the participants to assume this role in order to achieve their sales goals through a successful client approach.

What the programme will cover

  • The role of prospecting in sales
  • Specific ways of finding new clients
  • A toolbox of prospecting methods and when to use which method
  • How to prepare and plan for prospecting

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Appreciate the value of prospecting and its impact on the sales cycle
  • Use a variety of techniques to approach prospective clients and generate interest
  • Match their approach to the type of client
  • Feel more confident when approaching new clients
  • Set accurate prospecting targets that will deliver desired sales goals
  • Achieve better sales results