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Branded customer service

Loyal customers who return for more, who talk about their positive experiences, attracting new customers to you, are a highly effective way of growing your business.

Using the highly acclaimed “Branded Customer Service” process, we help organisations build loyalty, creating branded services that deliver the promises of their marketing campaigns. This process follows the following pathway.

Brand DNA establishes the blueprint for the customer service and employee brand experience. You will develop your brand strategy, promise, and values that will ultimately give your organisation a competitive advantage and a distinctive reputation in the market.
It is the foundation from which all other elements of the process will be shaped and organised. It helps everyone to understand the brand, at least as well as consumers.

Your journey begins. While some preliminary exploration and planning may have been undertaken in relation to creating an on-brand organisation, in most cases this is the sector of the Branded Customer Service pathway where the real journey will commence...

On-brand Measurement
Measure the alignment of your service, staff, and systems to your brand. This determines where your organisation is currently, in relation to consistently delivering on-brand service and the dimensions of the systems, processes, and functions that can have the greatest positive influence on your culture. Branded Customer Service provides customised tools and processes that measure your brand alignment. These tools help you to develop a clearer understanding of your starting point.
  • What is working?
  • What is not working?
  • What do you really need to focus on to close the gap between the actual and ideal brand behaviours of those tasked with delivering the branded customer experience?
  • What actions can Human Resources and Internal Communications take to improve brand alignment?
  • And, how do you know if you are making progress?

Build skills and strategies for employee communication. Internal Brand Communications provides the capability to build an integrated strategy to reinforce the brand at every communication touch-point, and to create advocates who champion the brand.
Communicating internally is far more than a state of mind. It’s about engaging the heart, providing the information, inspiration, and motivation for employees to embrace the brand and all it stands for.

Internal Brand Communications is an opportunity to start reaching out to the wider organisation, to build momentum, and to keep the key brand messages alive. 
Effective internal communications is one of the most powerful levers to:
  • support culture change
  • build internal alignment with the brand
  • create enthusiasm for its delivery 

People management and service systems have, perhaps, the most significant impact upon whether the shift to an on-brand organisation is sustained over time.

Right from the decision of who to employ, how staff are inducted, developed, empowered and managed, through to organising sales and complaints processes, every management action has a reaction.

Managers at every level need to understand how they can embrace the brand as a strategic framework, which guides them in making everyday judgements and decisions.
Service Management Systems provides the perspectives and tools to establish the infrastructure within your organisation that is necessary to move from brand strategy to brand delivery, and stay there.

The systems and practices that underpin the organisation can make or break the process of aligning your service culture to your brand.

Engage staff to deliver your brand experience. Brand Engagement is at the very heart of the organisation, because it is staff who have the greatest opportunity to consistently reinforce the brand with customers.
To do so, they need information, inspiration, and motivation. It is about providing knowledge, skills, and confidence that employees will need to apply their best judgement during any customer interaction.

Build momentum in your organisation by connecting the hearts and minds of your staff, with your organisation's brand, thus creating the desire to give the best on-brand experience to customers.

Fulfill your promise. Bring the brand experience to life through your people.