Meeting facilitation

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Meeting facilitation

Our process ensures that all the skills and processes are in place to allow for effective meetings. Meetings, where views are exchanged and the best possible decision is taken in a timely manner.

Often meetings disintegrate, going off in tangents, not delivering any tangible outcomes or resolutions that are implemented or, at worst, turning into forums for open and unresolved conflict. These situations can be avoided and we will assist you in running productive meetings, where work moves forward.

We will observe the dynamics of your existing process by shadowing board members during actual board meetings.

We will assist you in enhancing your current meeting procedures, by offering your key board members coaching on conducting meetings and procedures, as well as working with you to create agendas and minutes using new process tools.

We will enhance meeting skills, by chairing simulated board meetings with real agendas and topics for discussion, and offer feedback to the participants to allow them to fine-tune what they do.

We will coach your meeting administrator on effective meeting preparation techniques, including preparation of agenda, meeting package, filing, communicating actions, recording minutes, keeping track of board tasks, etc.

We will measure and review meeting effectiveness and advise you on the next action steps and continue monitoring as required.