Strategic leadership development

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Strategic leadership development

We can help you strenghten the leadership skills of your current leaders, as well as prepare the future leaders, to ensure that you have the right people to realise your strategy.

Executive analysis
At this stage, we offer psychometric testing and interviews to your current leaders and those you wish to develop into leadership roles. We measure the current strengths of the employee and identify the points that need improvement. A full report and coaching session is provided for each executive.

One of the main psychometric tools we use is the LPATM, an online tool which includes the following 6 assessments:

  • Team Roles (Belbin)
  • Conflict Handling (Thomas & Kilmann)
  • Work Styles (Murgatroyd, Rushton, Apter & Ray)
  • Learning Styles (Honey & Mumford)
  • Personality (Levene)
  • Managerial Style (Ghiselli)

Developing a competency framework
Developing leadership competency models, we help companies improve their succession management processes and leadership development programs to ensure a ready pipeline of high performing leaders to support global business strategy. Aligning your company's people with the current and future needs of the organisation, by placing employees in positions that maximize their value and contribution.

Developing career plans
We will work with each executive to develop career plans, based on your organisation's leadership needs, as identified in the above stage and the strengths of the individual. These career paths include long-term plans that are mapped down to more manageable sections of time, as well as the personal mission statements of the individual and his values.

Training and Development
Based on the previous stages, we will create with each executive a personal training and development plan.