Sales improvement process

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Sales improvement process

We equip organisations with the processes to grow their sales consistently, developing their prospecting and account management systems as well as the skills of their sales staff.    
What’s happening now
Using a top down approach we will look at your sales strategy, your processes and how they translate into daily practices, using the skills of your sales force.

Working with you, we will identify what you currently have in place that will enable you to meet your sales goals, as well as pinpointing any changes that can be made to any of the following to boost sales success.
  • Recruitment of sales staff
  • On-going training and development of sales skills, such as negotiating, presenting, and sales closing
  • Management and coordination of the sales force
  • Networking and prospecting systems
  • Account management and practices
  • Sales-tracking methods
  • Client document templates

Achieving growth

In this stage, we will design and help you implement practices and approaches that will streamline your entire sales process.

We will enable the performance of your sales team to grow through accurate recruitment, development and training. Our training duplicates the real-life scenarios your team meets when selling and negotiating, through role plays. Therefore, the learning is highly applicable back in the workplace.

We will assist you in taking a focused approach to prospecting, identifying who your key prospective clients are, how to trigger interest in them and initiate communication. By fine-tuning your account management systems and the skills of your staff, we will help you retain long-term clients.