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Employee engagement

As the economic downturn drags on, organizations are looking for ways to maximize the value of every resource they have, including human resources. Employee engagement achieves that, while at the same time boosting morale and motivation.

Studies show that such things as productivity, quality and customer service improve significantly when employees are engaged. Though engagement is key to an organisation’s success, it is not something that the organisation can demand of its employees as part of the employee contract.

Engagement can only come about, with an integrated approach that includes leadership, good people practices, and performance management systems. PeopleAchieve have designed a process to bring all the elements together and foster a strong engagement culture that delivers high performance.

Using focus groups and the PEI© (PeopleAchieve Engagement Index) a tool we developed in association with the European University of Cyprus, we can assess how engaged your workforce is.

We will pinpoint aspects within the organization that boost engagement and identify other aspects that reduce engagement, based on the following framework:

  •     Leadership
  •     Performance Culture
  •     Learning
  •     Recognition and Rewards
  •     Recruitment
  •     Teamwork.

Engagement Workshop for Managers
We will feed back the results of the survey to the management team, and evaluate the impact of the current levels of engagement on the company’s strategy, values, vision and operation.

During the workshop, the management team will create a plan of action to further boost engagement and bring about the necessary changes within the areas that drive engagement: Leadership, Performance Culture, Learning, Recognition and Rewards, Recruitment, Teamwork.

We will support the implementation phase, as may be required.

We can directly work with you, in cases where the organization needs specific input of expertise, as may the case with redesigning the recruitment process or introducing a leadership development programme, for example. Also, if the Engagement Workshop has highlighted areas that affect all levels of staff, such as teamwork, then can undertake to run teambuilding events for you.

Alternatively, we can monitor and guide the process of implementing the agreed actions simply by conducting regular meetings with the Management team.