Culture change

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Culture change

Today’s environment demands fast-paced organizational changes. A swift change in direction, a merger, a leaner operation are some of the many transformations that may be required.

However, no organization can adapt to change unless each individual within the organization can encompass the change, reshaping attitudes and behaviours.

PeopleAchieve inspires this commitment from each individual and helps elicit the new attitudes and behaviours needed to support the strategic changes.

Our six-step process which follows, has successfully delivered stronger cultures to our clients:

Identifying the existing culture
Through an audit and interviews, we assess the current culture,identifying its strengths as well as those elements that hinder the implementation of the desired organizational changes.

Shaping the new culture
Through management workshops the new values are defined, together with the new behaviours and attitudes.

Leading the new culture
Management commitment and leadership are needed for any change to succeed. On a day-to-day basis, Managers need to be role models of the new culture.

Through training sessions, managers strengthen the competencies needed to lead the new culture, paying particular attention to the leadership behaviours needed to trigger the new values within the staff. Managers commit to actions they want to undertake, and we provide ongoing support to them through our hotline, to discuss any challenges they may encounter.
A 360-degree feedback system is designed to provide feedback to managers as to how successfully they are running the new culture.

Living the new culture
Through highly interactive workshops staff identify the required behaviours and attitudes to implement the new culture and values. They receive training to strengthen their ability to engage in such behaviours.

Putting the new culture into practice
To ensure on-going implementation, we encourage the re-design of certain HR process, such as:
  • The performance appraisal system, to reflect the new culture.
  • The recruitment procedures, to ensure that the right people for the culture are recruited.
  • The induction procedures, to ensure that the values are instilled in all newcomers right from the beginning.
We facilitate groups of staff and managers to discuss further actions that should be undertaken to implement the new values. Each group puts together a proposed project, and the best projects are then awarded and implemented.

Reinforcing the new culture
PeopleAchieve will support the on-going efforts of the organization to implement all actions identified above, and also offer any additional training that may be needed.
On a yearly basis, we will assess the impact of the culture on work, and work ethos, through an audit.