Assessment centres

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Assessment centres

We can undertake the design of Assessment Centres, based on the key competencies you want to recruit for.

An Assessment Centre is a collection of exercises which evaluate job candidates on their skill level and competence on certain key requirements. It can involve any number of tasks for the candidate to be evaluated on, in order to assess their suitability. An Assessment Centre can be likened to an event which evaluates a certain number of candidates within a specified time-frame.

A wealth of information is gained about job candidates by examining their skills, knowledge, and competencies from different perspectives. These different perspectives are gained by using specifically designed exercises and assessment methods, such as: role plays, group discussions, in trays, competency-based interviews, and written exercises.

Assessment Centres are one of the most valid methods of assessing candidates and ensure that a “multi-perspective” view is taken of each individual. This, in turn, will lead to significant increase of the probability of successful performance on the job and future development.