Effective delegation

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Effective delegation

Why needed

More often than not, managers and supervisors wonder, “Why must I do everything myself? Why aren’t my employees showing any interest in the job, why don’t they make the effort?” This usually happens when the procedure of delegating work has not been carried out the right way.

By following certain guidelines, on how to delegate, the effectiveness of both the employee and the manager increases. Employees feel more committed to tasks and a relationship of trust is created between the manager and the employee.

Using the eight steps taught on the programme, participants will be able to delegate more effectively. They will evaluate their own attitude towards delegating work and  through interactive exercises, they will explore ways through which they can communicate more effectively.

What the programme will cover

  • What is effective delegation
  • Your personal delegation style
  • A step by step process for delegation
  • What to delegate and to whom
  • How to communicate when delegating

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Evaluate their effectiveness every time they delegate work
  • Use a step by step approach to delegating effectively
  • Identify which assignments to delegate and to which people
  • Motivate employees to handle tasks
  • Develop employees through task delegation