Effective leadership skills

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Effective leadership skills

Why needed

Managers, supervisors and team leaders represent an important force. They have the power to turn on or turn off the productivity of the people who work for them, by the way they communicate and behave with them. They act as catalysts in realising the strategy and achieving the goals of the company.  Thus they are leaders who can influence the success of the organisation and the development of their own staff.

What the programme will cover

  • Techniques to instill commitment
  • How to boost motivation when the going gets tough
  • Helping staff deal with change
  • What leaders do to create a team
  • How to give feedback and keeping it constructive

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Motivate their staff to take on new challenges and handle change
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of their staff
  • Develop their staff, based on the strength of each individual
  • Create teams around them and maintain the team spirit
  • Instill commitment in new recruits
  • Create a positive work culture around them