Effective negotiation skills

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Effective negotiation skills

Why needed

We negotiate daily from small issues to major contracts. Negotiating is a key skill of any executive. Not being aware of all the negotiating tricks, ploys and gambits makes executives very vulnerable and at the mercy of those who are more aware. Negotiating expertly is critical to achieving success. More than any other training investment, it yields direct and considerable bottom line results. Yet few managers have received formal negotiation skills training and even fewer are fully equipped with all the tools, techniques and concepts that are vital into today's highly competitive environment. The purpose of this programme is to equip you with powerful negotiation techniques that have maximum impact.

What the programme will cover

  •   Understanding the basics of any negotiation
  •   How to create win-win situations
  •   Principled Negotiation
  •   The proper structuring of Negotiations
  •   Managing the Climate and the Environment
  •   How to better understand the other side
  •   Planning & Preparations
  •   Power sources
  •   Tactics, Ploys & Gambits
  •   Deadlocks
  •   Non-Verbal Communication
  •   The Art of Listening & Questioning
  •   Finalizing

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Diagnose the underlying negotiations process, identify desired outcomes and prepare more effectively to achieve them
  • Control the 'emotional' atmosphere present during negotiations
  • Formulate negotiation strategies and manage the negotiating time purposefully
  • Outline the negotiating process and key points
  • Participate in obtaining meaningful concessions and securing lasting agreements
  • Become highly effective in negotiations