Effective interviewing techniques

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Effective interviewing techniques

Why needed

The ability to recruit the right staff contributes significantly to the success of an organisation. Interviews that are held in the final stages of the recruitment process are an essential step in ensuring that the right people are found for each new position.

This highly practical training programme offers a structured way to conduct interviews, so that all aspects affecting the candidate’s job performance are covered in a fair and objective manner. Participants are videotaped doing the interview role plays, and then given feedback to accelerate their training on this programme.

What the programme will cover

  • The importance of a structured interview process
  • Different types of interviews
  • Interview examples
  • Body language and listening skills
  • Possible prejudices and what triggers them in an interview
  • Evaluating and documenting the assessment after the interview
  • How to formulate the “right” questions.
  • Handling “difficult” candidates
  • How to control and lead the interview process

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Understand the significant role effective interviews play in the recruitment process
  • Use the “right” type  of questions and avoid using the “wrong” type of questions
  • Formulate questions that will explore the level of knowledge, experience and skills candidates have
  • Conduct the whole interview process in a fair manner.
  • Produce interview documentation in a consistent manner