Performing under pressure

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Performing under pressure

Why needed

People working under pressure may feel its negative impact, in a variety of forms. It may affect the ability to perform at work, with the loss of focus and clarity of thought. Or it may manifest itself as, deterioration in relationships and poor communications. It may sometimes even affect health, well-being and eventually lead to absenteeism. The current trend is that the pressures will continue to increase. So those who are feeling the stress often seek ways to cope with it, rather than fall victim to it.

What the programme will cover

  • The positive and negative impact of stress
  • Specific relaxation techniques.
  • Stress management strategies
  • Personality factors that contribute to higher stress levels.
  • Various practical exercises, which can be built into an Action Plan

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Know what their own sources of pressure are, and realise that their beliefs can help manage these pressures.
  • Be able to maintain more control in challenging situations.
  • Understand how they respond to stressful situations and how these responses can affect their performance negatively
  • Better understand other people‚Äôs responses to pressure and not be victimised by these responses
  • Build a healthier lifestyle