Train the trainer

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Train the trainer

Why needed

This programme is especially designed for internal trainers and is packed with the tools and the methods that can impart genuine and long-lasting learning to their own participants. Trainers will explore a variety of ways to speed up the learning process and motivate participants to want to learn new skills, and adapt to new ways. It will also enable trainers to deliver not just theoretical knowledge but teach specific skills and techniques that enhance business performance in the workplace.

Escalating local and global competitiveness coupled with a growing need to adhere to European and International standards, places increased performance demands on employees. Thus the on-going development of the workforce is critical to a business, and highly skilled internal trainers can play a significant role.

What the programme will cover

  • Structuring training to meet training objectives
  • Design and use of exercises, games and icebreakers
  • Creating materials and hand-outs that support learning
  • Communication skills for trainers
  • How to keep your audience motivated
  • Techniques to handling a difficult audience
  • Keeping yourself motivated and inspired
  • Action planning and implementation of training

As a result of the programme individuals will be better able to:

  • Run training that can be implemented by their participants in the workplace
  • Run training that will have an impact on performance
  • Deliver training that motivates and stimulates their participants to release more of their potential at work
  • Design training that is relevant to participants and to business needs
  • Adapt to the different learning styles of each participant
  • Handle the “challenging” participants